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Our family takes care of the cuisine.

It’s simple, genuine, tasty and it follows the seasonal rythm (during the spring we use different spontaneous herbs for our recipes).
Our speciality is the “meat of cinghialato”, a word to define the meat of a pig obtained from coupling a male pig with a boar’s sow.

Pasta, potato dumplings and all the delicacies and desserts are rigorously made by our hands and they have an extraordinary taste.

Also the pork-butchery are scrupolously made by our selves and they have a genuine taste.

In the restaurant you can also find typical dishes of Friuli as “frico” with potatoes and onions, porc’s ribs and savoies, etc..

During the year we are opened on Friday and Saturday’s evening and on Sunday also for lunch. During the week we are opened for groups and parties but they have to book.