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The name Travesio is coming from latin “in tra vius” (between the street), clear reference to the roman street from Sacile across the river Tagliamento to Gemona.

From medieval documents, our town, was a small village but important for the commerce between the valley of Val cosa and Val Tramontina.

Travesio altough is an important point yet where you can reach in few time great touristic area like Clauzetto “the balcony of Friuli” for its geographic position and beauty with its wonderful green cave of Pradis.

The town of Splimbergo famous for the Mosaico school, the chatedral and the medieval castle.

In Sequals you can find the musem of Primo Carnera the boxe world-championship and in Maniago is famous for the knife artigian.

Several touristic itinerary in our mountains, over rhe Ciaulec mount and Vlinis mount where hand-glider have fun.

200Mt from our farm there is one of the most beautiful and harder rock climbing site, for every play that sport.

Historically the castel of Toppo from XIII century that overtop the valleyand give you a breathless view, also there is the palace of counts Toppo-Wassermann today restored and often used for art exhibitions.

In Travesio during the easter there is the traditionally town festival of frogs where you can taste other than frogs,and typical cheese with „polenta“, a very tasty food of our region.

Is also beautiful the church of San Pietro in the outskirt of the town builded over a old military building and where you can find a lot of art’s objects (paintings of the Renaissance).